Val’s another July Blog

Last weekend was very busy. We all expected that. Lots of people outdoors doing all sorts of activities. Even though days are getting shorter, daylight is still bright and long. Temperatures are high, some describe the weather as “hot”. Maybe they don’t know what 105F and 98% humidity feels like. But we are all in agreement a refreshing and delicious beverage at the end of the day is the perfect finish. I know I am craving one at the end of my 12-hour day at work. Here are some suggestions you might have never tried before.


Red Wine: Malbec. People love it, no question. Especially the one from Argentina, where it is the main grape. But it originates from France where it is one of the five main varietals in Bordeaux. En Memoire is 100% Malbec, certified organic and vegan friendly. A perfect balance between the clay-limestone soils on one hand and lots of sunshine and regular rain on the other. The first giving it high tannins and color while the latter – ripeness and fruitiness. But in a few simple words this wine is amazing. Good depth, touch of earthy notes and plenty of dark red fruits. Quite possibly the best Malbec for the money! A bottle goes for only $15.99. Just grab two because you will love it, I promise.


White Wine: Pinot Grigio. No. This time is Vermentino. It is best known by this name, although as any other grape in Italy it has a bunch more names in the different regions that it’s grown. In Southern France it is known as Rolle where it is mostly used in roses, like Whispering Angel for example. Wines produced from the grape are light in body, with good acidity and with citrus and almond notes on the palate. Rocca di Montemassi’s Calasole Vermentino offers good minerality too. This Tuscan white wine makes a great choice for an afternoon drink. It is food friendly as well, especially if you’re cooking any type of seafood. Give it a try instead of the more obvious choice in the Italian white wine category. A bottle of it is only $14.99. What’s to lose here?!


Beer: It’s warm outside and I’m craving a light beer. But I also love my IPAs. Is there a good match for me? Absolutely! Look no further than ONE-Y. It is Oskar Blues’ low-calorie IPA. 100 calories that is, to be exact. Standing at only 4% abv, it is a great finish to your hike or bike ride. One-y delivers a citrusy flavor of orange peel, lemon zest and tangerine. It still has the IPA character to it but in a much lighter way. You can easily enjoy it by itself or with your favorite food. A 6 pack will be on sale for the whole month of July for only $8.49. Come and enjoy it more than one-y!