Val’s February Blog

This year February is a perfect month – starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. The first one of this kind in 11 years. And it started great – snow had finally come! Even though you can’t really see people’s smile, you can sense it. Everyone is in a better mood, including Mother Nature. And right on time, just before one of the busiest holiday weekends – Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day. Here are some suggestions you can enjoy while celebrating. And please don’t forget to get flowers for your loved ones! They will appreciate it.


Red Wine: When I think about Valentine’s Day, love, hearts, flowers and everything else that goes with it, Italy comes instantly to my mind. Today we will go to the opposite side of Romeo and Juliet’s home. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is home of some spectacular winemaking. Many of the varietals here are indigenous. Perricone, also known as Pignatello, is one of them. It originated in Northwestern Sicily and produces wines that have firm tannins and show dark fruit character with a slight bitter finish. Caruso & Minini’s Perricone has the balance between vibrant fruit and earthy minerality. It will be perfect as an aperitif or with your dinner or dessert, like chocolate-covered strawberries. It is made with organic grapes and is only $19.99 on the shelf. Saluti!


White Wine: This time I’ll go for a Rosé to match with our theme. Chateau D’Esclans in Provence in France is extremely well known for their Whispering Angel label. One of their other wines is The Palm. The label is as beautiful as the wine itself. It speaks warmth, beach, love! A classic Provence Rosé blend, it is very light in style. It shows great aromatic freshness along with minerality. Maybe before your Valentine’s dinner with your loved one start the evening with a glass of The Palm Rosé? A friendly price tag of $17.99 awaits you and a promise for good memories. Santé!


Beer: Bees. They love honey. We love them. I can’t imagine our World without bees. If it wasn’t for them at least 400 agricultural plant species/foods and 1 out of 6 of the world’s flowering plant species wouldn’t exist. They are very important to one of Melvin Brewing’s beers too – Killer Bees American Blonde Ale. Clean, smooth, easy drinking and yes – honey. Low in alcohol and highly enjoyable, you can’t say No to it! Especially not this month when a 6pk of cans is only $7.99! Cheers!