Val’s May Blog

Cinco de Mayo is in the past and that means only one thing – Spring is in its full swing! Temperatures are getting warmer, more and more outdoor activities are available to us. I just tuned my bikes and am ready to enjoy the rides. Last few weeks of school and youth sports before the Summer break. Days are busy but what a difference it makes when the Sun sets late! After the long day, I am up for a glass of wine or beer. I am sure you are as well. Here are some suggestions I think you will thoroughly enjoy.


Red Wine: Remo Farina is an iconic producer in the Valpolicella region in northeast Italy. Born and raised there, the Farina family “inevitably had do inherit the wine making tradition of their forefathers”. But they only did it after exploring other career paths and came back to it with conviction, passion and love. They obviously produce great Amarones but we’ll focus on their entry level, lighter in style Rosso del Veneto. It consists mostly of the local grape Corvina, with 10% each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot added to give it a bit more depth. Even though it is fuller bodied, it is also smooth throughout. Good with meats but also great for appetizers or just by itself. For only $14.99 you are getting a great bottle of wine and a glimpse of Farina’s unique wine-making style.


White Wine: Bright, easy-drinking, touch of fruitiness. Does that sound right up your alley? Then Velenosi’s Verdicchio is a great choice for you. Lots of apple and peach notes both on the nose and the palate. Fresh and medium-bodied with a lingering finish. I love it because it is unpretentious. Our friend James Suckling rated it 90 points and I have to agree with him. And the price tag – only $14.99 on the shelf – is yet another reason that I often recommend this wine. Very food friendly, as its acidity is just right. A perfect companion to any white fish! Give it a shot.


Beer: Brand new and not even on their website yet – Lone Tree Pomegranate Wit. It is a Belgian Style White Ale with pomegranate and coriander added. It is a part of their Limited Release/Branching Out project they do multiple times every year. This beer starts like a classic Belgian. Then the pomegranate shows up to add some sweetness to it. The coriander offsets that but it finishes round, with a touch of fruity note. Very drinkable, great for a warm day. A 6pk cans is only $8.49 for the whole month of May. Cheers!